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gnome-terminal problems


1. Should there be gnome-terminal menu-item in the default gnome2 menus? I
can find gnome-terminal (and other terminals too) only from the Debian
menus.. ?

2. Gnome-terminal breaks pastes. When I paste from gnome-terminal to
another gnome-terminal, newlines disappear and the pasted text is broken.
This also happens if I paste from xterm to gnome-terminal. Pasting from
xterm to xterm works fine!

3. When I ssh to another box (running woody) from gnome-terminal and start
screen, the line where cursor is behaves really oddly. For example the
tab-completition (of bash) doesn't _display_ the completed names
in the gnome-terminal, but the name is in reality completed.. for example
if I type "cd f<tab>" and I have only one directory starting with "f", I can't
see the completed name in the gnome-terminal, although is *is* completed..
and then when I manually enter the name, I end up with bad directory name,
because I couldn't see the automatically completed name, and I then added it
"second time" myself.. this only happens with gnome-terminal, not with
xterm. the TERM values are the same for both, "xterm" and "screen" under

Any ideas?

I'm running up-to-date unstable.

- Pasi Kärkkäinen

                                .     .
                              /    -    \

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