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`gnome-approved' dark-background theme for gnome 2?

Gnome 2.0 has hit unstable, and all my carefully crafted settings blew
up (it mumbled something about converting them, but the conversion
failed; it'd be nice if it told you why...).

I've now got things halfway-sane again, and the major remaining
irritation is the lack of any `dark' themes -- everything that shows up
in the Themes control-center widget* is some minor variation on `MS
Windows grey'.

When I try to use one my old dark themes that worked with gnome 1 (by
renaming the `gtk' subdir in the theme directory to `gtk-2.0'), they
usually only half-work, e.g., lots of text is displayed as
black-on-dark-grey or something similarly unreadable.

However, I don't know whether the problem lies with the them or with
buggy apps (I've encounted many apps before that use the wrong fg color,
which is only noticable if you've got a theme very different from the
default), so I'm wondering if anyone knows of a `dark' theme that's been
approved for use with gnome 2.0, or that at least works for somebody...

* I've got the following gtk2 theme engine packages installed:

i   gtk2-engines-crux               - GTK+2.0 Crux theme engine
i   gtk2-engines-lighthouseblue     - LighthouseBlue theme for GTK+ 2.0
i   gtk2-engines-metal              - Metallic theme for GTK+ 2.x
i   gtk2-engines-mist               - A flat theme for GTK+ 2.x
i   gtk2-engines-pixbuf             - Pixbuf-based theme for GTK+ 2.x
i   gtk2-engines-thinice            - ThinIce theme for GTK+ 2.0


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