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Re: [desktop] why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

<quote who="Sven Luther"/>

> So we are supposed to throw the debian menu system aside, and use the
> freedesktop stuff as replacement ? And all other WMs have to adapt ?

Given that Debian's shift to the .desktop format has already been proposed
(and work proceeds on its implementation), and that the menu system will
need to be adapted for that change anyway, going with the existing vFolder
draft standard would indeed be sensible.

So, not a lot of extra work, and we get standards-compliance to boot.
> (BTW, the .vfolder stuff is the one that made all the menu entries
> disappear when i upgraded last time, right ?)

The gnome-vfs implementation of vFolders, and with files left behind from a
previous version, yeah.

- Jeff

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