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Re: `gnome-approved' dark-background theme for gnome 2?

On Oct 29, Miles Bader wrote:

> Gnome 2.0 has hit unstable, and all my carefully crafted settings blew
> up (it mumbled something about converting them, but the conversion
> failed; it'd be nice if it told you why...).

Did you get any specific error messages?  What didn't work, and exactly
what happened?  Colin is still trying to improve the scripts, but very
few people have responded to his requests for testing.  If you let us
know what happened, he can try to fix it.

> I'm wondering if anyone knows of a `dark' theme that's been approved
> for use with gnome 2.0, or that at least works for somebody...

The "Thin and Mild" theme from art.gnome.org works for me.

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