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Re: [desktop] why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

<quote who="Luke Seubert"/>

> > In other words, we should be using a unified Debian menu structure with
> > appropriate tweaks for certain environments (and in particular, _not_ using
> > the default Gnome/KDE menu structures).
> Yup.  

No... The point behind the vFolder spec is that both GNOME and KDE can show
all of the same menu items in their preferred / default structures (which
are almost exactly the same now anyway).

So with GNOME and KDE you need to do *zero work*. Just install the .desktop
files in the right place, with sensible metadata, and you're done.

For other menus (for WMs, etc), their internal structures will need to be
rebuilt by the new menu system based on .desktop/vFolder. Almost exactly the
same situation as it is now.

> See, we are all happy now singing in lovely two part harmony ;-)

Sounds like burning cats. :-)

- Jeff

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