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Re: HELIX GNOME packages vs. Debian GNOME packages

Le Thu, May 25, 2000 at 08:22:21AM -0700, Ossama Othman écrivait:
> Hi Raphael,


> Perhaps it would be good to get a list of what HELIX considers GNOME
> related packages.  What about packages that are needed by other sets
> packages besides GNOME, such as the GTK and Imlib packages?  Do they

I think he's probably also volunteering for those since they are provided
on the Helix server (http://spidermonkey.hellixcode.com/distributions/debian).

> want those too?  If so, what will that mean for packages that aren't

They don't want anything, they just offer their help ... it's up to us to
catch this opportunity. :-)

> GNOME related/dependent but depend on such core packages, such as
> Enlightenment.

I don't see the problem. Peter will do the same work than a normal Debian
developer ... he will upload all the packages to Debian and the other
GTK programs will continue to use it as it has always been ! 

> BTW, is Peter on this list, or is there a Debian/HELIX list that we
> can subscribe to?

I guess that he's, but I'm not sure. He's still cced however. I don't
know of any Debian/Helix list. I guess that debian-gtk-gnome fits well
this description. Helix can be considered as yet another contributor to
Debian and as such they are using our own facilities ...

Raphaël Hertzog -+- http://strasbourg.linuxfr.org/~raphael/

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