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Re: Bug#419467: Whoa, upstream wontfix?

On Wed, May 09, 2007 at 12:32:23PM -0400, Greg Alexander wrote:
> Judging by the volume of responses, I'll assume I've hit a nerve.
> You all are aware that what is happening with glibc is unfriendly but
> you're not sure why.

Please don't attempt to psychoanalyze strangers on the Internet.  No
one I've met ever appreciated it.

> glibc is a C library.  The job of a C library is to perform the basic
> lowest-common-denominator functions in a lowest-common-denominator way.

You happen to be incorrect in your assumptions.  The job of a C
library is to perform basic, standards-defined tasks in the best
possible way.  If you reconsider this conversation in that light,
it may make more sense.

Also, on a technical note, Debian has no choice but to follow upstream
lead in this or permanently diverge from upstream maintenance.  That
would be an even worse problem.  I assure you that I did not announce
that LinuxThreads maintenance was discontinued post glibc-2.5 without
thinking about the issues.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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