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Bug#419467: Whoa, upstream wontfix?

Hello -

If the next version of glibc stopped running under the Linux kernel,
period, would you also tag it upstream wontfix?

Seriously guys, when the glibc people make a big mistake like this,
you are not distributing a working distribution when you follow their
lead.  upstream is not a carte blanche tag, especially on a critical
package like libc6.

You're not going to make the decision as to whether or not Debian will
drop support for 2.4 linux kernels without some sort of wider public
input.  The fact that Aurelien tagged this as wontfix speaks of an
unbearable arrogance and we are all just fortunate that I am not
swearing at this moment.  Other users who are even less polite will
follow.  This problem will not be swept under the carpet.

What is a work around?  This is a serious problem.

Do I have to build libc6 without NPTL and then repackage it so debian
will let me install programs that improperly depend on the new version?


- Greg

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