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Re: floating stacks?

> > I did. No go though, the resulting package has a messed-up
> > that crashes any program that links to it.
> It's the primary reason to drop off the -opt package: enabling
> libc6-opt including libpthread.so crashes the entire system.  We have
> investigated it but currently it's pending state due to sarge issue.

Which is really very strange. Anything I could help? I now have a
libpthread that I could use to debug (if I explicitely link that broken
version), if someone tells me what to do.

Added information: tried with LD_LIBRARY_PATH from within gdb with the
-dbg version of libc6 in a separate directory, but the program crashes
before gdb gets its hooks on, or something. Don't know for sure, but its
impossible to do anything in gdb, "run" gives the segfault and then
error messages about the process not existing.

> It's regret for me but I recommend to do so until we provide new -opt
> package...  
> BTW, apparently libc6-i686 gets the strong reason in order to support
> FLOATING_STACKS.  I want you to come back to debian next next time :)

I'm not going to delete debian, just use a different machine for
development :-)
Therefore - yes, I will come back.


PS: Sorry for sending this as private mail before, my mistake.
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