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Re: Greeting the Debian GIS team

On 8/19/20 10:55 AM, Felix Delattre wrote:
> On 8/19/20 8:09 AM, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
>> We don't have many active DDs in the team, so I'm the primary sponsor
>> for package uploads.
> Many thanks for your work on all this!!! I will try to not cause a lot
> of extra work for you, and distribute the beginner questions among
> several Debian friends.

Spreading the load, excellent!

>>> This e-mail is a greeting. So far I don't think I need special access, I
>>> can work well on personal git repositories in salsa and either work with
>>> merge requests or, once it works, ask for a review and finally move it
>>> into the Debian GIS group at that later date.
>> If you intend to maintain the libapache2-mod-tile & tirex packages in
>> Debian within the Debian GIS team the repos should under the
>> debian-gis-team namespace on Salsa.
> Do you suggest me to move the tirex repo under the debian-gis-team group
> on Salsa, even as long as it is highly work in progress?

Yes, it makes your changes more visible and allows for peer review.

I've created the repo under the debian-gis-team namespace:


We've had some issues in the past were Developers couldn't push to newly
created repos due to changes in Salsa permissions, but this should be
fixed. Please let us know if you cannot push to the repo.

>> How does your libapache2-mod-tile packaging differ from
>> debian-gis-team/libapache2-mod-tile?
> In principle, I wasn't aware that you've already worked on it. Right
> now, I'm comparing the two. And then I would continue with
> `debian-gis-team/libapache2-mod-tile`. Are merge requests the best way
> to go for you?

No, you should join the team and commit your changes directly.

Merge request are more appropriate for occasional contributions.

Kind Regards,


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