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Re: Greeting the Debian GIS team

Many thanks for your message and the intro to all points I should look at.

On 8/19/20 8:09 AM, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
> It would be great if want to take care of mod_tile and related packages
> in Debian as part of the Debian GIS team.

Great! :)

> We don't have many active DDs in the team, so I'm the primary sponsor
> for package uploads.

Many thanks for your work on all this!!! I will try to not cause a lot
of extra work for you, and distribute the beginner questions among
several Debian friends.

>> This e-mail is a greeting. So far I don't think I need special access, I
>> can work well on personal git repositories in salsa and either work with
>> merge requests or, once it works, ask for a review and finally move it
>> into the Debian GIS group at that later date.
> If you intend to maintain the libapache2-mod-tile & tirex packages in
> Debian within the Debian GIS team the repos should under the
> debian-gis-team namespace on Salsa.

Do you suggest me to move the tirex repo under the debian-gis-team group
on Salsa, even as long as it is highly work in progress?

> How does your libapache2-mod-tile packaging differ from
> debian-gis-team/libapache2-mod-tile?

In principle, I wasn't aware that you've already worked on it. Right
now, I'm comparing the two. And then I would continue with
`debian-gis-team/libapache2-mod-tile`. Are merge requests the best way
to go for you?


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