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Re: Greeting the Debian GIS team

Hi Felix,

Thanks for your introduction.

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On 8/19/20 9:27 AM, Felix Delattre wrote:
> During the last years I have been continuously looking for a good way to
> contribute more to Debian. But one of the rules I set for myself is that
> packaging only makes sense for me if I actually use the software.

Since nobody who actually users mod_tile stepped up to take care of the
package in Debian, the packaging never in git never made it into the

> Recently I stumbled across the OpenStreetMap raster tiling servers
> (libapache2-mod-tile, renderd and tirex) and we use them extensively for
> the research project I am involved in. Instead of putting them into some
> container, I prefer to see if I can make it work for all people in
> Debian (and its derivatives). But I will reply to the corresponding mail
> thread on this list. In any case, please take into consideration that
> I'm new, and I'm going to have to learn a lot.

It would be great if want to take care of mod_tile and related packages
in Debian as part of the Debian GIS team.

The team policy documents our packaging workflow:


And this list (debian-gis@l.d.o) can be used for discussions about
packages, feedback on packaging changes also happen on the
pkg-grass-devel lists. Both lists are mentioned on our website:


We don't have many active DDs in the team, so I'm the primary sponsor
for package uploads. If I'm unavailable, SoB is also an option:


> This e-mail is a greeting. So far I don't think I need special access, I
> can work well on personal git repositories in salsa and either work with
> merge requests or, once it works, ask for a review and finally move it
> into the Debian GIS group at that later date.

If you intend to maintain the libapache2-mod-tile & tirex packages in
Debian within the Debian GIS team the repos should under the
debian-gis-team namespace on Salsa.

To get access to the repos in that namespace you need to join the team
on Salsa:


How does your libapache2-mod-tile packaging differ from

Kind Regards,


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