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Greeting the Debian GIS team

Dear Debian GIS team,

I look forward to writing to you and saying hello. My relationship with
Debian has been an in and out affair. First I was active in Linux User
Groups, then I became part of the main local organizers of DebConf12 and
then I disconnected from direct contributions. Besides that, I'm quite
involved in OpenStreetMap and the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (see
this link for more information and more links to learn more about me
https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/xamanu). Nowadays I work for the
German Research Center for Geosciences (GFZ) as a data system architect.

During the last years I have been continuously looking for a good way to
contribute more to Debian. But one of the rules I set for myself is that
packaging only makes sense for me if I actually use the software.
Recently I stumbled across the OpenStreetMap raster tiling servers
(libapache2-mod-tile, renderd and tirex) and we use them extensively for
the research project I am involved in. Instead of putting them into some
container, I prefer to see if I can make it work for all people in
Debian (and its derivatives). But I will reply to the corresponding mail
thread on this list. In any case, please take into consideration that
I'm new, and I'm going to have to learn a lot.

This e-mail is a greeting. So far I don't think I need special access, I
can work well on personal git repositories in salsa and either work with
merge requests or, once it works, ask for a review and finally move it
into the Debian GIS group at that later date.

Thank you and best wishes,

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