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Re: Reducing lintian messages on mod_tile

Hi Bas,

On 7/19/19 9:14 AM, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
> Because the upstream development is pretty much dead, I'm not sure if
> it's wise to include the package in Debian. Many OSM tools suffer from
> the same issue, so it may not be a big deal. It's lifetime in Debian may
> be short lived, though.
Not sure if the upstream development is per sé dead. Indeed, it's
software that doesn't get many changes, but it runs successfully on many
systems and even on OpenStreetMap production. If there is a need, there
are people who accept patches. There is also a newer and more actively
maintained alternative to "renderd", called "tirex"
(https://github.com/openstreetmap/tirex), which is also based on
"libapache2-mod-tile". But some might write another webserver
integration soon.

We might also consider that the "hype" of the last decade was vector
tiles. With a more mature perspective, I see more and more people in the
OSM community appreciating the benefits of different tile stacks for
different use cases. Raster tiles are becoming more interesting again.

> Since we don't have have openstreetmap-carto in testing anymore due to
> its node-carto requirements, it's still hard to setup a tileserver with
> only official Debian packages.

Of course, it would be nice to have a full OSM raster server stack that
shows up in Debian after the software is installed. Hopefully it is fair
enough to improve it step by step and get more and more packages of the
OSM ecosystem into Debian. At least for me it motivates more than it
makes me feel like throwing in the towel (yet).


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