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GRASS 7.4.4 (Was: Fwd: New release: GRASS GIS 7.4.4 - please package)

On 1/7/19 11:55 AM, Martin Landa wrote:
> seems that GRASS 7.4.4 hasn't been yet uploaded to pristine-tar branch [1].

Looking at the pristine-tar branch for new upstream releases is not very
informative. The content of the upstream tarballs lives in the upstream

That being said, the grass packaging hasn't been updated for 7.4.4 at
all. We've already moved on to 7.6 in experimental, and the second
upload of 7.4.3 still hasn't migrated to testing because python-numpy
breaks the autopkgtest of many of its reverse dependencies. See:


It's no use to update grass to 7.4.4 in unstable as it won't migrate
either, and because we'll also need to update libgdal-grass & qgis for
7.4.4, those will be blocked from testing migration too.

Until the python-numpy mess has been resolved, I will not update the
grass package in unstable to a different upstream version, because grass
and its reverse dependencies won't be able to migrate to testing if we do.

See also:


Kind Regards,


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