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Re: How is the state of GDAl 2.0 package?

Il giorno 13/ott/2015 17:21, "Bas Couwenberg" <sebastic@xs4all.nl> ha scritto:

> If you have a reasonable powerful multi-core machine (because you really need DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="parallel=<N>" to not wait forever for large packages to build) with a cowbuilder setup using a local repository for the gdal 2.0.1 package and its rebuilt reverse dependencies, you can do a round of rebuilds and report the results. :

Yep! It sounds feasable. My i7 8GB laptop stay idle into The backpack for all the working hours everyday.. I'll ask my debian gurus how to setup cowbuilder and local repository and will try to build...

thank-you for your reply, bye

Amedeo Fadini


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