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pkgkde-symbolshelper (Was: upgrade orfeotoolbox to 5.0)

On Sun, Sep 06, 2015 at 01:41:28PM +0200, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
> Because C++ symbols are unstable, that does generate a bit more work,
> but easy to automate using pkgkde-symbolshelper.

I have never heard about pkgkde-symbolshelper - may be it is not really
in the right place if it is of general interest even outside pkgkde?

> You just need to take
> care to update the symbols for other architectures after the buildds
> have built the package.

Hmmm, that nuisance remains. :-(

I admit I decided *personally* due to the fact that I usually deal with
leaf packages to not provide symbols files as long as it involves a lot
of manual work.
> I've shared the recommended practices for shared library packages, how
> (or not) to incorporate that into the otb package is up to the
> maintainer, which I'm not.

I do not want to contradict to your suggestions - I'm just curious how I
could more easily follow these recommended practices with less work it
would take me at my current state of knowledge.  IMHO this topic is
important enough to spend some paragraph in the team policy and may
be we might copy this for other teams (or even better find a good way
to merge Blends team policies).

Kind regards



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