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Re: Packaging geotools?

Hi Johan,

Am 20.08.2015 um 17:11 schrieb Johan Van de Wauw:
> Is there anyone from the java team who can give some advice on how
> I/we could get started packaging geotools? Eg Jerome packaged 2
> libraries (gt-opengis, gt-metadata [4]) by using a seperate source
> package for those libraries, rather than using one source package.
> Is that a good idea ? Or how could we use a similar approach with one
> source package?

According to [1] the source code is available from zipped tarballs
stored at sourceforge.net. geotools-13.2-project.zip contains the source
files but be careful there are also embedded jar files. [2] Your other
alternative is to download and checkout the sources directly from git
which is explained at [1]. You can follow the tips at [3] to create a
useful get-orig-source target for Debian, if you package directly from git.

In general I would use the provided source tarball from upstream. If you
are unsure, better talk to upstream. The source tarball contains a
pom.xml file. If you run mh_make from maven-debian-helper in the root
directory, you can create the initial Debian packaging for geotools. The
rest is to figure out which libraries are already in Debian or need



[1] http://docs.geotools.org/stable/userguide/build/source.html#
[3] https://wiki.debian.org/onlyjob/get-orig-source

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