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Re: pg_comparator development

Would you please drop me a email once 3.0.0 will be released ?


I am looking forward to postgres extension. Are there any other major changes ?

No. There are some documentation updates, but the main change is to
have a pg extension for the added functions, which justifies
bouncing to version 3.

Thank you for information.

I have few more questios.

1. pg_comparator (despite the name) also supports mysql and sqlite
databases. I am wondering if there is any general interest to package
support also fore these databases ?

I do not know. It is not very easy to use, so I'm wondering how many people would use it. It is really a POC for a research paper.

2. Some time ago, we where talking about some tests. Is there any
chance that we would have at least some basic ones with 3.0 ?

It is all hidden in a makefile and a script. Incidentaly, they are available on the github version:


See "test.mk" and "test_pg_comparator.sh" and "rand_table.pl"...

But they are somehow fragile as you need a special setup to run them (eg load extensions into pg/mysql/sqlite, configure accounts so that connections will work properly...). So it is not a matter of typing "make check" and everything is transparent...


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