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Re: Packaging geotools?

On 08/20/2015 05:11 PM, Johan Van de Wauw wrote:
> Hi all,


> The geotools build system uses maven, and actually consists of a large
> number (100+) of smaller libraries. Many of them have dependencies
> which are not yet packaged, but some should be rather straightforward.
> Is there anyone from the java team who can give some advice on how
> I/we could get started packaging geotools? Eg Jerome packaged 2
> libraries (gt-opengis, gt-metadata [4]) by using a seperate source
> package for those libraries, rather than using one source package.
> Is that a good idea ? Or how could we use a similar approach with one
> source package?

Just a quick note Johan, that I am happy in principle to help out with
this effort and get some Java/maven experience in the process. I will
just wait until we have worked out the process.

But it looks like the OpenLayers3 effort might be back on soon - so we
will be busy!



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