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Packaging geotools?

Hi all,

geotools[1] is an open source GIS java toolkit which is used by many,
almost all java GIS applications. Just to name a few[2]: geoserver,
geogig,gvsig, ...

Since many of these applications are on the wishlist of our users
different attempts haven been made at packaging it. Last year during a
GSOC, Jerome Larouche started working on this as well (a summary here:

The geotools build system uses maven, and actually consists of a large
number (100+) of smaller libraries. Many of them have dependencies
which are not yet packaged, but some should be rather straightforward.

Is there anyone from the java team who can give some advice on how
I/we could get started packaging geotools? Eg Jerome packaged 2
libraries (gt-opengis, gt-metadata [4]) by using a seperate source
package for those libraries, rather than using one source package.
Is that a good idea ? Or how could we use a similar approach with one
source package?

Kind Regards,

[1] http://www.geotools.org/
[2] http://geoserver.org/
[3] http://trac.osgeo.org/ubuntugis/wiki/geotools-packaging

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