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Debian GIS team sprint

DebConf would have been a great opportunity to have a team sprint, but
unfortunately most of us couldn't attend. I still think we should have a
team sprint, preferably with upstream developers in attendence so an
OSGeo event seems the best alternative to DebConf.

The only OSGeo event I've attended was the last day of the C Tribe
sprint in Vienna last year. This was far too sort, but very good none
the less. I got to talk to many of the people we work with in person.
Having upstream developers from several OSGeo projects in the same room
was great, as I said on IRC I'd like to tag along with the Debian GIS
team at one of the next events.

I've been told that we're always welcome at the QGIS Hackfests, so
that's a nice frequent opportunity too. FOSDEM is always a good
opportunity too, but it's hard to get stuff done during FOSDEM, staying
longer for a sprint is an option.

Getting all the people interested in GRASS packaging in the same room is
high on my wishlist for a sprint.

Please share your your thoughts and suggestions for a sprint where we
can meet in person and get stuff done.

Kind Regards,


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