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Re: Moving python-shapely from collab-maint to the Debian GIS team

On 20-08-15 19:07, Pietro Battiston wrote:
> Hi Sebastiaan, and sorry for the slow reaction (I'm currently affected
> by Internet scarcity).
> I'm happy that shapely has been added to the Debian GIS team; to be
> honest, I would be even more happy if I could stop worrying about it:
> not that it is a difficult package to follow, it's just that I don't
> use it at all. But when I get back to a decent connection, I will
> certainly fix the debian/control file as you suggested.
> Unfortunately, apart from python-shapely I don't think I will find the
> time to be active in the GIS team.

In that case, let's move us push the git repo and make the necessary

Please stay involved in python-shapely packaging as much as possible,
we're still an understaffed teams like many others.

Kind Regards,


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