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Re: pg_comparator development

Hello Sebastiaan,

I thought of putting it on "my" web site. If there is something which
would arrange you somehow better, you have to tell me.

My primary concern is the upstream release monitoring we use in the
Debian package. It was using pgFoundary to monitor for new releases and
download release tarballs from. I've switched this to the pg_comparator
webpage where 2.2.6 is published, but that only links to the latest
release. pgFoundary listed the previous releases too, if you can link to
the previous releases too that would be great.

Ok, I've done that. Next 3.0.0 should appear when it is readly, maybe this week, so that will be a test.

And do you is the version control system for pg_comparator available

I'm not sure what is the question. The real version control is
"https://scm.cri.ensmp.fr/svn/comparator";, but it is not open because
there is more things into it, such as the LaTeX sources of a paper and
presentations, scripts to run various tests... There is also a github
thing with the software part that I try to keep up to date.

Yeah, I messed up that question. I was wondering the version control was
public somewhere. I've found zx80/pg_comparator on GitHub, that looks
like the one you mention.

That's the one! I wanted zx81, my first computer, but it was already taken:-)


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