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Re: netCDF Strategy

>> There was a little issue with the automate.cache directory included in
>> the upstream sources.
> I suppose this has already been removed upstream. (Can't find it in the
> repo [1].)

It's probably an artifact of the release procedure, for which a fix to the
release script is required.

>>  * TODO:
>> What are your plans for these?
>>     - static libs
> None. :)
> CMake builds don't allow for combined shared/static builds, so enabling
> those would require to build netCDF twice. While the headers should be the
> same, I have no idea what we should do with differences in the export
> config files in static vs. shared builds. Would we have to ship two
> different packages? Not easy to answer, certainly not something for now,
> it
> would seem.
>>     - proper doc installation
> This has already improved quite a lot, see
> ```
> $ dpkg -L netcdf-doc
> [...]
> ```
> Save for the installation of jquery, possibly, this looks rather complete.
> I'd vote for checking this as done.

That's sounds reasonable, please remove the TODO items from the changelog
to indicate that these items are no longer to do.

Kind Regards,


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