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Re: netCDF Strategy

On 03/05/2015 10:02 PM, Nico Schlömer wrote:
>> The tags for the upstream releases are also missing

There is no pristine-tar commit for the tarball.

Can you push your pristine-tar branch too, or if you didn't commit the
new upstream release to the pristine-tar branch you can do so
retroactively with `pristine-tar commit ../netcdf_4.3.3.1.orig.tar.gz`.

The gbp.conf included in the package has pristine-tar enable by default,
so you only need to use git-import-orig (without the --pristine-tar option).

If you created the pristine-tar branch instead of cloning it from the
git repository on Alioth, you need to use `git push origin pristine-tar
--set-upstream` to have the branch track the origin repository. `git
branch -av` will report the number of commits your branch is out of sync
with the repository on Alioth.

This is documented in the Debian GIS policy I linked earlier:


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