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Re: Problem building otb

Hi Manuel,

On Tue, Jan 20, 2015 at 11:17:50AM +0100, Manuel Grizonnet wrote:
> we've changed the control file for Ubuntu packaging in OTB repository few
> months ago to handle python-central deprecation :
> http://hg.orfeo-toolbox.org/OTB-DevUtils/rev/0ae67ca7f48f

Thanks for this hint.  Would you consider working on the official Debian
packaging and commiting straight to Debian GIS git.  It could make sense
to join the effort instead of fixing things in two separate places.

Historically I drained the packaging from the repository above when I
was holding the Debian GIS packaging workshop at LSM in Montpellier last
summer but I would like to kindly invite any person who is interested in
getting an official Debian package to join the Debian GIS effort.

Kind regards



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