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Re: Problem building otb


we've changed the control file for Ubuntu packaging in OTB repository few months ago to handle python-central deprecation :


There is probably an issue here were we handle both cases (dh_python and python-central) :


Perhaps there is no more reason to handle both...I am not sure.

CC to Guillaume and Sébastien who have perhaps more info.


2015-01-20 11:05 GMT+01:00 Paolo Cavallini <cavallini@faunalia.it>:
Il 20/01/2015 10:56, Sebastiaan Couwenberg ha scritto:

> python-central is deprecated, the Python build should be adapted to use
> dh_python2 (and ideally also dh_python3).

so, is this an issue upstream, or limited to deb?
thanks again.

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