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Re: Bug#757243: RFS: qmapshack/0.2.0+ds1-1

Od: Tobias Frost <tobi@debian.org>

Hello Tobias,

thank you for reviewing!

Ok, review complete.
When below things are fixed, I will upload it.


(beside the already discussed things)
- Files-Excluded not needed
- Whats the copyright of the gpx examples?
- src/cursors not documented

not needed, you can remove it.

(please over the complete directory. Just run it from the root package
directory.) e.g d/control will look much better afterwards)

- please remove the last line (the commented line gunzuip ... )
- the mv is not required: You can use the -O option of wget; also
not that get-orig-source should get the tarball and
"leaves it in the current directory". (Policy 4.9), so the "../"
in the mv is not right.

d/clean + d/rules
- please clean the generated icons in e.g d/clean and rebuild them
during build. (there is such a nice script for doing this in the
src :))
General rule: If there is a source, use it during build.
E.g also compass.png should be regenerated.

Except copyright and license for gpx examples everything mentioned here has been fixed.

Copyright and license for gpx examples will be fixed with next upstream release.

Copyright file has been already added to upstream repo.

Until next release will be published maybe you can check in packaging repo if all fixes has been done in right way.


best regards



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