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Re: qmapshack for debian

2014-08-07 9:21 GMT+02:00 Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu>:
I have read the SoB entry but I was offline yesterday.  Here are my
remarks for the sponsering:

  1. Homepage: http://www.qlandkarte.org
      -> I guess this is a cut-n-pasto.  Shouldn't this read
     Homepage: https://bitbucket.org/maproom/qmapshack/wiki/Home

  2. The description is a bit short.  I personally would not have been
     catched by it as potential user.  Could you please be more verbose

  3. As I have read you had trouble with mk-origtargz which is as far
     as I can tell caused by some bug in a specific tar version (I
     didn't tried with the latest one in unstable but I was affected
     once with a package I maintain).  So if you intend to keep you
     manual tarball creation I'd suggest to use the following options
     to tar:

        --owner=root --group=root --mode=a+rX

     which are used in mk-origtargz.  I'd also recommend using xz
     instead of gz (feel free to compare the compression result).

I would like you to fix 1. and 2. while 3. is just a hint you can feel
free to ignore.

Fixed in git repo.

> I also missed your entry for on the SoB wiki page for qmapshack. If you
> want to use this for sponsoring the wiki entry is required.

I obviosly noticed it.

> But based on the feedback on the mentors list, there some copyright
> issues to fix before an upload will have a chance of being accepted by
> the ftp-masters.

Since I was offline yesterday and did not took the time to follow this
discussion please confirm that you dealt with this.

This copyright issues will take probably longer time.

best regards


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