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Re: Installing qgis-mapserver

> I thought I was already on Alioth, but apparently I'm not.
> So I created an user on alioth, but when confirming it I get an error:
> Could Not Get User
> Sorry for polluting the list with such basic questions: is there a
> better place for it? Maybe a general IRC channel?

The contacts for Alioth are documented on the wiki:


They can be contacted via admin@alioth.debian.org. If you encounter a
problem with alioth, you can file a support request [1] on the siteadmin
project. [2] Sometimes, when you need to prod an administrator to do
something, you can join #alioth on irc.debian.org (OFTC) ... they may help

[1] http://alioth.debian.org/tracker/?func=add&group_id=1&atid=200001
[2] http://alioth.debian.org/projects/siteadmin/

Kind Regards,


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