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Improved git commit notifications using new git-commit-notice

As you may have read in Misc Developer News (#34), the git-commit-notice
script on Alioth was updated to use git-multimail which generates more
useful emails.

I'd like to switch the Debian GIS git repositories to use this instead
of our custom copy of git-commit-notice. I'm not sure why we have a
custom git-commit-notice at all, it doesn't appear to have Debian GIS
specific changes.

To start using the new git-commit-notice it's sufficient to update the
post-receive hook to exec /usr/local/bin/git-commit-notice instead of
/git/pkg-grass/git-commit-notice. The git configuration is automatically
migrated from hooks.* to multimailhook.*.

The post-receive hook is automatically created for new git repositories
by the setup-repository script, which needs to be updated to use
/usr/local/bin/git-commit-notice instead too.

To get an impression of the emails the git-commit-notice generates you
can view the pkg-perl-cvs-commits list archive, the Debian Perl team has
been using git-multimail for some time already:


I've experimented with the new git-commit-notice by using it for the
package_template git repository. The commit emails are now nicely
threaded, and the commit summary is a nice addition. See:


If there a no objections, I'll update the setup-repository script to use
/usr/local/bin/git-commit-notice for new git repositories and update the
existing post-receive hooks to use the new script as well.

The announcement of the new git-commit-notice is included below.

>From Misc Developer News (#34):

Email notifications for git commits on git.debian.org

 Many projects rely on the git-commit-notice[1] script provided on
 git.debian.org to send mail notifications of the activity of the git
 repositories hosted there. Up to now, this script was based on (a very
 old copy of) the "post-receive-email" contrib script from Git
 upstream. I recently updated it and it's now based on git-multimail[2]
 which generates more useful mails (with better subjects, with commit
 ordering per push, with proper support of merge, etc.). I have tweaked
 the script to auto-migrate the old git configuration settings so most
 of you shouldn't have anything to do but you might want to
 review/tweak the generated configuration (multimailhook.* git config
 settings) and drop the old one (hooks.* git config settings).

  -- Raphaël Hertzog

 [1] http://wiki.debian.org/Alioth/Git#Commit_mails_with_diff
 [2] https://github.com/mhagger/git-multimail/


Kind Regards,


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