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Re: SpatiaLite transition

On 10/14/2013 06:00 PM, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
> QGIS being the exception. It FTBFS because libopenscenegraph99 has
> become uninstallable. This problem also plagues the update for osgEarth,
> which is not related to the spatialite transition though. Packaging for
> the new 2.0.1 QGIS upstream version is available in git, and an old
> build is still available on mentors (RFS #724927).
> With fixed OpenSceneGraph packages installed locally, the rebuild of
> QGIS succeeds with the new spatilite library.

OpenSceneGraph was updated two days ago, so we can build its reverse
dependencies again \o/

While it's not version 3.2.1-1 yet, 3.2.0~rc1-2 will do just fine to get
things moving again in the GDAL and SpatiaLite transitions.

Many thanks to Rebecca N. Palmer for her awesome work getting
OpenSceneGraph fixed, and all the others involved.

I've just updated osgEarth 2.4.0 which is available on mentors waiting
for sponsorship (#735605). This will fix the FTBFS on kFreeBSD. Once
osgearth 2.4.0+dfsg-6 is uploaded. By the time it's migrated to testing
I should have finished the packaging for osgEarth 2.5.0.

Packaging for QGIS is currently being updated to fix some build issues
that have cropped up since September. The upstream package includes a
huge patch to fix several issues, I'm trying to find the individual
commits to get clean patches from them.

If QGIS still only requires a rebuild for SpatiaLite 4.1.1, I'll skip a
build for experimental.

Kind Regards,


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