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Re: Could not search pkg-grass packages at anonscm.debian.org

On 01/11/2014 10:26 AM, Francesco P. Lovergine wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 08, 2014 at 10:48:37AM +0100, Ivan Mincik wrote:
>> I was looking for reason why it is not possible to find packages of pkg-grass
>> (for example gdal) via Search form at http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/ . I
>> was told at #alioth IRC that it could be because of invalid repository type
>> setting at FusionForge (still SVN) and also maybe repositories could be
>> configured as hidden.
>> Is it possible to fix that to make a life easier ?
> I think it is due to the use of pkg-grass folder as a parent folder for
> all debian-gis pkgs. Maybe we should consider how collab-maint manages
> things.

I'd love to fix this, not being able to browse all git repos has
bothered me for a while too.

What does collab-maint do that pkg-grass doesn't?

Both are using the flat hierarchy without packages/ subdirectory which
FusionForge seems to expect by default and we also use for SVN. But for
collab-maint the project listing in git works, but for us it doesn't.

Could it be that we just need to switch the SCM in FF and wait for it to
generate a project list?

Soon after switching the SCM to Git the project listing still doesn't
work, so I've switched back to SVN for now.

But this may very well be the fix, the wiki says:

 "All VCS repositories can be automatically created by FusionForge:
 enable “Source code management (SCM)” in your project (this can be
 done in the “Admin” tab, click on “Edit public infos”), then go the
 “Admin“ page in the “SCM” tab and there you can choose the type of SCM
 wanted. The repository will be automatically created by a cron job
 some hours later."


It seems the hourly cronjob at least creates the empty <project>.git
owned by root, that both pkg-perl and collab-maint have but pkg-grass
doesn't. pkg-perl uses the packages/ subdirectory, but collab-maint doesn't.

I've not found a hidden repositories setting, which could be as simple
as keeping those alongside the packages/ subdirectory.

Shall we just switch the SCM in FF to Git and wait a couple of hours?

Kind Regards,


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