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Re: Debian GIS Policy

On 01/07/2014 12:07 AM, Ivan Minčík wrote:
> Sebastiaan, if all UbuntuGIS packaging will be done in git.debian.org, what
> is the best way to contribute for UbuntuGIS devs which doesn't have write
> permissions to Git repository ?

Hi Ivan,

The best way for UbuntuGIS devs to contribute is to register an account
on Alioth and request to join the pkg-grass project. Members of
pkg-grass on Alioth have commit access to the Debian GIS git and svn

The three introductory sections of the policy have recently been changed
to better describe the process. See:


While waiting for your request to join the team, you can commit to your
local git repository and push the branches after your application has
been processed.

To in the mean time share the changes in the local repository, you can
publish it on your own server, or a service like gitorious and github.
So others can pull the changes into the package on git.debian.org until
the membership request has been processed.

Alan Boudreault is an Admin of the pkg-grass project on Alioth, and
should be able to approve membership requests. You can probably speed up
the application process by pinging Alan Boudreault and Francesco
Lovergine over email directly.

I know that the both of them are quite busy, so the response time can be
longer than you'd expect. The other pkg-grass admins,
David Paleino and Bernd Zeimetz, are currently even less active in
Debian GIS for similar reasons.

Kind Regards,


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