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Re: [SoB] Re: Osmctools, [ITP,RFS and more]

Hi Andreas,

> I noticed the according thread on debian-mentors.  May be there will be
> a solution in the future but for the moment this does not stop me from
> sponsering the package.  It was just uploaded to NEW.

Yes, maybe for the next version.

> I have one last problem with the Git repository:  There are some
> debian/* tags remaining.  I think we should only tag what really has hit
> the Debian mirror.  Since no version is actually there (it needs to pass
> NEW first) I would like to remove the tags.  Unfortunately it would cost
> me some time to find out how this can be done on the server since a
>   git push --tags
> does not propagate my local removals.  Perhaps you might care for this.

I deleted remote tag. I keep in mind that debian tag is only for release :)

Best resgards.

Blanc Pierre

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