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Re: About the role of Depends and Recommends in tasks files (Was: [SCM] gis branch, master, updated. d74342981f59eb45954c257f7960aef4c5a9ecbb)

Hi Andreas,

I didn't expect Depends/Recommends to be treated differently, although I
wasn't aware that the metapackages Depends would be turned into Recommends.

Since Depends and Recommends are installed by default, but exist as
different dependencies, I thought to use this to distinguish between
packages maintained by Debian GIS and those maintained by others but
included in the GIS blend. I've added comments to explain this, as that
was indeed not obvious.

In the future we can just make it a single list and just use a comment
to split the lists, or just not make this distinction.

Thanks for the pointers.


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