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Re: [DebianGIS] osgearth and tinyows

On Wed, Jul 13, 2011 at 04:59, Pirmin Kalberer <pi_deb@sourcepole.ch> wrote:
>> If it's a matter of license issue, then I'm OK without those examples. I
>> read that you said the package is not buildable yet, so please inform me
>> when it's ready, I'll do more checks then.
> I've commited a patch which fixes compilation on Sid with OSG 3.0.0.
> So ready to test...

OK, so I tried to build it in an up-to-date i386 sid chroot, but it
appears libgdal1-dev in Build-Depends cannot be satisfied because it
depends on libhdf4-alt-dev and libhdf5-seial-dev. libgdal1-dev itself
is depending on the obsolete libjpeg62-dev, and the latter two are
depending on libjpeg-dev, which results into depending on libjpeg8-dev
now. libjpeg62-dev and libjpeg8-dev are conflicts with each other. The
solution is we have to update the package src:gdal first... I'll
prepare a team upload for it to get rid of it from our way.

Aron Xu

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