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Re: [DebianGIS] osgearth and tinyows

Only the source code of these examples is interesting. Programmers will get them from github anyway.

Aron Xu <happyaron.xu@gmail.com> hat geschrieben::

>On Sat, Jul 9, 2011 at 05:54, Pirmin Kalberer <pi_ml@sourcepole.com> wrote:
>> Am Freitag, 8. Juli 2011, 16.35:48 schrieb Paolo Cavallini:
>>> Il 08/07/2011 16:26, Aron Xu ha scritto:
>>> > It takes years for me to clone the repository, so please update it if
>>> > convenient. Thank you.
>>> Pirmin, can you?
>>> All the best.
>> I've updated the package according to our discussion. But pbuilder build on
>> Sid (with OSG 3.0!) fails because of a minor issue. I've asked the upstream
>> authors for help.
>> As soon as the new ssh key is accepted, I will upload the package updates...
>> Regards
>> Pirmin
>--- a/debian/osgearth-dev.install
>+++ /dev/null
>@@ -1,10 +0,0 @@
>So where are those binaries now? If they are pure examples, I
>recommend to have another package named after "osgearth-examples".
>Aron Xu

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