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Re: OpenJUMP

On Tue, Feb 08, 2011 at 09:46:27AM +0100, Francesco P. Lovergine wrote:
> I also find unacceptable that so many projects embeds jar blobs taken
> at whatever moment from the original repositories and without
> any minimal version tracking. This is neither sane nor safe for us, 
> this is GNU/Linux not Windows. 

However, the fact that this happens quite frequently with Java
applications is no argument against Java per se.  I fo not speak about
it from my own perspective because I never wrote any namable Java code
and would prefer other languages if not forced to use Java.  But my
theory is that it is just the people who start writing Java programs
without proper education about Versions, APIs / ABIs etc.  They were
just told you can easily build applications by plugging them together
that way.  As with any programming language you can write good and bad
software.  For some reason - probably pure advertising of Java >= 10
years ago - Java attracted more badly educated people than other
languages.  But that's no reason for blaming the language itself or
any programmer for his choice of this language.  We just have to deal
properly with the situation and from some contacts with Debian Java
team I have the imporession there are some people inside Debian who
have taken over this hard job quite well.
> Also, so many java projects simply does not
> care of their licenses and distribute their software in practice
> as free-as-beer products (try finding theri sources, it is often
> a challenge). Their respect of other projects, users
> and other developers is near to zero. So, I do not care of them
> as well. 

I fully agree that this is the situation - but IMHO the better solution
than ignoring them is to educate them (at least trying).  If we fail in
doing so we will simply manifest our fame as arrogant technical
perfectionsist who never manage to address users needs.
> > > PS: Have you noted the Debian GIS mentioning in the Release Notes? :-)
> > 
> > yes! :)
> > 
> Sorry, I have the bad habit of not reading release notes at all :-/

There is no need to sorry about not reading.  IMHO it is more important
to care for proper writing some stuff which interests users in the
release notes than reading it afterwards.

Kind regards



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