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Re: OpenJUMP

Francesco wrote:
> I also find unacceptable that so many projects embeds jar blobs taken
> at whatever moment from the original repositories and without
> any minimal version tracking. This is neither sane nor safe for us, 
> this is GNU/Linux not Windows. 
> Also, so many java projects simply does not
> care of their licenses and distribute their software in practice
> as free-as-beer products (try finding theri sources, it is often
> a challenge). Their respect of other projects, users
> and other developers is near to zero. So, I do not care of them
> as well. 

Well, I guess the way to leave it is to say that java-gis programs are
most welcome, as long as a member of the (probably their dev-) community
is willing and able to support it and get it up to satisfying the official
standards, and be willing to support the package long term.

But none of the usual volunteers here are willing to take that challenge
on for them right now, and until a volunteer who is willing shows up,
DebianGIS won't be officially co-maintaining plopped-on-our-doorstep-ware,
no matter how nice.

I think it's important to point out the path and benchmarks which have to
be met, instead of just flat rejection due to the choice of programming
language. Flat out personal rejection by individuals to spend their time
on whatever is of course welcome and expected. :-)

e.g. as far as I know the GL3 version of Rasdaman doesn't require any
non-Free components and shouldn't be shunned because of other projects'
choices or practices- if someone from their community is willing to do
the work.



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