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[DebianGIS] R: Re: Specific packages for SAR and earth observation

Hi Francesco,

>----Messaggio originale----
>Da: frankie@debian.org

>Data: 03/12/2010 7.32
>A: "Andreas Tille"<andreas@an3as.eu>
"antonio.valentino@tiscali.it"<antonio.valentino@tiscali.it>, <pkg-
>Ogg: Re: [DebianGIS] Specific 
packages for SAR and earth observation
>On Wed, Dec 01, 2010 at 09:35:
24AM +0100, Andreas Tille wrote:
>> In the case
>> of doris the web 
page says "free for non-commercial use" and your
>> copyright says 
GPL3.  I have not checked what is actually correct but I
>> left the 
more conservative non-free.  Feel free to correct me if you are
>> sure 
about this and copyright statement is clear.  I have not checked the
license for getorb just to safe time.
>At the time of my check, doris 
had a non-free license even if it used
>fftw (GPL) so was 
undistributable. I contacted the original author
>(now working 
elsewhere) who reported the thing to the university.
>That was a few 
years ago. Maybe something changed, maybe not.

Now the package 
includes a COPYNG file (in the src sub-folder) containing the text of 
the GPL v.2 license.
The header of source code files also  states that 
the software is under the GNU/GPL license v.2.

In the home page 
(conditions), instead, it is specified that the SW is for non 
commercial use only and also it is there is a note about  re-

"# Doris is a scientific-purpose software and cannot be 
commercialized, nor can parts or products of it be commercialized. 
Parties interested in using Doris or its products for any commercial 
purposes are requested to contact Dr. Ramon Hanssen of DEOS
# Our 
version of the software is the only official one. Please do not 
distribute the Doris software to third parties, instead refer to the 
Doris home page. This in order to guarantee uniformity in the 
distribution of updates and information. "

I' don't know which is the 
correct interpretation of the last point that seems to be in contrast 
with the GPL philosophy.
I tried to contact authors for a 
clarification but didn't received any answer yet.

I would appreciate a 
lot if you could re-check give me some hints.

Francesco I have 
serious problems posting messages on this list from my email client: I 
always receive notifications of delivery failures.
Posting from the web 
client seems to work instead.
You are indicated as the list owner so 
please can you help me with this problem?



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