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Re: [DebianGIS] R: Re: Specific packages for SAR and earth observation

On Fri, Dec 03, 2010 at 01:24:38PM +0100, antonio.valentino@tiscali.it wrote:
> Now the package 
> includes a COPYNG file (in the src sub-folder) containing the text of 
> the GPL v.2 license.
> The header of source code files also  states that 
> the software is under the GNU/GPL license v.2.
> In the home page 
> (conditions), instead, it is specified that the SW is for non 
> commercial use only and also it is there is a note about  re-
> distribution:
> "# Doris is a scientific-purpose software and cannot be 
> commercialized, nor can parts or products of it be commercialized. 
> Parties interested in using Doris or its products for any commercial 
> purposes are requested to contact Dr. Ramon Hanssen of DEOS
> # Our 
> version of the software is the only official one. Please do not 
> distribute the Doris software to third parties, instead refer to the 
> Doris home page. This in order to guarantee uniformity in the 
> distribution of updates and information. "
> I' don't know which is the 
> correct interpretation of the last point that seems to be in contrast 
> with the GPL philosophy.
> I tried to contact authors for a 
> clarification but didn't received any answer yet.

As said, this is exactly what excluded the distribution in Debian some
years ago.

Adding limiting conditions for redistribution to the plain GPL license 
is a FFTW license violation. They can use a GPL+limits on their program,
but they are using a GPL2 library, and so they are violating the
library authors rights.

I already sent a warning about that at the time, with no definitive
answer. You should exclude fftw use in the package (i.e.providing
), which renders it quite :) unuseful.

Francesco P. Lovergine

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