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[DebianGIS] update to grass 6.2.2 ands qgis8.01, please the simple way !

Hi all,

I'm working on etch with grass 6.2.1 and qgis 0.8.0

I have to update to 6.2.2 and 0.8.1.

how can I do this quick and with less stress? The best way would be via
apt-get. Is this possible?

any hints are welcome.

I didn't read all mails and the whole wiki, so a simple hint for a link
or similiar would make me happy.

Thanks for your help,

Greetings from Georg

georg loesel : garnstrasse 12 : 14482 potsdam

fon		++49 (0) 331 2438 770
mobil		++49 (0) 176 233 244 11
mail		georg@de-schorsch.de
skype/wengo	georgloesel
internet	www.de-schorsch.de
latlon		52,3944; 13,0894
gpg		look for 05C6733F

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