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Re: [DebianGIS] update to grass 6.2.2 ands qgis8.01, please the simple way !

Georg Lösel wrote:
> I'm working on etch with grass 6.2.1 and qgis 0.8.0
> I have to update to 6.2.2 and 0.8.1.
> how can I do this quick and with less stress? The best way would be via
> apt-get. Is this possible?

Not yet, but soon :)
GRASS 6.2.2 for Etch will available from backports.org some time in the near
Frankie uploaded a new QGIS to unstable yesterday, hopefully that will filter
through to testing and then on to backports.org in due time.


me, I build GRASS from source.  (instructions are slightly out of date)
Then run from a symlink to /usr/src/grass/bin.$ARCH/grass62 directly without
installing it. If you install it you risk collisions with the official package
when it becomes available.
Yes, there are easier ways using Debian build tools, but I'll leave that to
someone else to explain rather than give bad advice. (perhaps someone can add a
short howto on the wiki page after the anon svn checkout instructions?)


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