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Re: [DebianGIS] GRASS control & rules

Hamish wrote:
> > I am just looking at the GRASS rules & control files in DebianGIS SVN
> > trunk/
> > Specifically the control file's Build-Depends line.
> > 
> > Any objection to removing libgl1-mesa-swx11-dev now that --with-glw is 
> > removed from the ./configure line? (the package is problematic and GLw
> > is no longer used in GRASS)

removed in SVN trunk.

> > Also I notice it asks for "libglu1-xorg-dev | xlibmesa-glu-dev"
> > Should this be updated to just "libglu1-mesa-dev" ?
> That was there for sarge, AFAIK. It does not hurt anyway but yes it can
> be removed.
> Will the optional build-depend help for backports?  In general, I am
> in favour of having 'current-package | old-package' as build depends
> if it make it easier to build a package in etch and sarge.

changed to  libglu1-mesa-dev | libglu1-xorg-dev, dropped xlibmesa-glu-dev.
(libglu1-xorg-dev possibly needed for the sarge backport, otherwise it could be dropped; libglu1-mesa-dev should be ok for Sid-Etch)



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