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Re: [DebianGIS] Experimental software and roadmap for sid.

Francesco P. Lovergine wrote:
> As many of you probably already noted, I uploaded a good bounce of new
> upstream versions for our mainstream packages. Currently available in
> experimental/pending are
> proj 4.5.0
> gdal 1.4.0 (still without ogdi support)
> grass 6.2.1
> ogdi 2.3.1
> It is basically also ready geotiff 1.2.3, a new package I created in
> order to use it for both gdal and ossim. Qgis 0.8.0 is also almost
> ready. I will move all stuff in sid just after ogdi approvement by
> ftpmasters and after the imminent release. Before that, I will
> update all other gdal-dependent packages on svn.
> In the meantime, trials and reviewing of the experimental stuff are
> welcome: they should be usable under etch also AFAIK.


I see you were working on QGIS 0.8 as well; any issues holding that up?


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