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Re: [DebianGIS] current state

* On 15-Nov-2006 at  2:15AM PST, Francesco P. Lovergine said:
> For proj4.5 it's definitively too late, that would causes to much
> impact on a good deal of programs to consider it for etch. 
> Mapserver 4.10 is already in sid since 12 days, but currently
> blocked by php5 and geos which is only 7 days old. I'm quite
> confident it will enter testing in time if all required archs will
> build in time php5 (and I'm sure they will :)).

Also, if I may take the liberty of saying so, proj 4.5.0 has
relatively few and minor improvements over 4.4.9, whereas MapServer
4.10 includes some major new features. I would like to see us do
whatever it takes to *keep* MapServer 4.10 in Etch. Cheers for all
your hard work, folks! Looks like it's paying off...


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