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[DebianGIS] current state

Hi all.
Freezing somewhat approaches, and I think it is useful to summarize the situation. We have most new packages ready:
- grass 6.2
- mapserver 4.10
- proj 4.5
- postgis 1.1.6
Qgis is still in flux, so it's out of d-gis power.
None of them is in unstable, but we've tested all, and we do not see any serious issue preventing them to enter it. It would be great to have them in etch. Qgis could be packported later (when 0.8 will be finally out). Is this feasible? If some more specific testing is needed, we are available for this.
All the best.
Paolo Cavallini
email+jabber: cavallini@faunalia.it
Piazza Garibaldi 5 - 56025 Pontedera (PI), Italy   Tel: (+39)348-3801953

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