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Re: [DebianGIS] Re: Mapserver?

On Wed, Oct 11, 2006 at 09:17:45AM -0400, Steve Halasz wrote:
> 4.10 has been converted to use geos' c api. The c api is new with the
> current geos version in debian and mapserver will be the first thing to
> depend on it. The changes for geos 2.2.2(2.2.3 looks like nothing much)
> are:
> Is there any pending issue before we release GEOS-2.2.2 ?
> Changes since 2.2.1 are:
> - Added GEOSArea(), GEOSLength(), GEOSEnvelope(), and GEOSGeomType() to
> the
>   C API

Geos uses libtool and did break the -version-info standard consistency AFAIK.

Current its C lib in main is libgeos_c.so.1.0.1, while the new lib is libgeos_c.so.1.1.1.
They added new functions - which did not break ABI - so that soname does not
need to be bumped (but someone should explain better what other 'cleanups' are).

Adding functions is anyway a change in API, and that requires the new
name should be libgeos_c.so.2.0.1 due to back-compatibility with old
interface (libgeos_c.so.2.0.0 in the other case). AFAIK they are not
using -release for unstable interfaces, indeed. So this issue does not
affects directly Debian (due to SONAME retaining) but give problems to
other developers who now need checking by hand (e.g. autoconf testing)
if the additional functions are available or not for libgeos_c.so.1

Sigh. So we won't need a soname bumping, but versioning is not correct.

Francesco P. Lovergine

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